Know About 3 Common Myths Related To NGOs In India

For the development of a country, its socio-economic development is important. Due to humanity, it is our duty to contribute in the development of our society. With this thought many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in India dedicatedly working to resolve social, economical and environmental issues. But, sometime their contribution and dedication get overshadowed because of some myths.

Here we have listed the three common myths about NGOs in India:

All NGOs are corrupt:

The instance of corruption related to some NGOs has seeded the though in many people’s mind that all NGOs are corrupt. Because of some corrupt NGOs, saying that all NGOs are same is unfair.  The best NGO in India operate with transparency, accountability, and a genuine commitment to their causes. Rigorous monitoring, ethical leadership, and compliance with legal regulations are key practices for reputable NGOs.

NGOs hamper progress:

Another popular myth about NGOs is that they hinder development of the country. But, by ignoring the rumours, for the development of the NGOs support various programmes organized by government. They bridge gaps in service delivery, advocate for marginalized communities, and innovate solutions to complex social problems. By working alongside governmental agencies, NGOs contribute to more inclusive and sustainable development outcomes.

NGOs only focus on charity:

It is great myth about NGO that they are only focus on charity, but in real it is just a part of their work. In India, NGOs focused for development, capacity building, providing support and plan for change in the society. Their goal is empowering people, resolving various social issues and supporting sustainable solutions rather than temporary solutions. If you want to also contribute in their cause, you can donate to NGO fund.

Hope you like this blog and the above listed points will help you to understand the myths and real facts related to NGOs in India. To understand the value of their contribution and dedication towards the development of the country, debunking these myths is essential.


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