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A Mission to

Fight Against Cancer

Gramin Suswasthya Balay is a holy and challenging mission of DullBook Foundation, where we are working among the interior villages of India and finding out people at high-risk of cancer and doing their screening test. 

With support of Dr. Shyamsundar Mandal and his volunteers we are working consistently to spot out people with cancer at their early stage. It not only helps them save their life, but also keeps them at a safer side from complicated treatment procedures, high expenses and above all reduces mortality rate. 

Not only detection of Cancer and providing help to get faster treatment, we also make people aware about cancer and other deadly diseases based on the locality, common livelihood of the villagers, and medical history of the family.

What We Do

Since more than 5 years we have been working at different villages and creating database of cancer patients and help them get better treatment at the earliest. We have full team of active volunteers who has been working to make it a successful mission.

Cancer Screening

Finding out people at high risk and doing their screening test to check out early symptoms of cancer and taking steps for further confirmation.

They can apply for Veer Purus and we'll provide them full support to setup, run and grow their business with DullBook Foundation.

Spreading Awareness

The best way to fight against Cancer is to spread awareness and remove fear and misconceptions. We constantly work to spread awareness.

Apply to become Veer Naari and we'll reach you soon if you are eligible.

Helping in Treatment

We provide counseling to the confirmed patients and help them getting better medical facilities. We also do fundraising for them, where possible. 

Apply to get help of DullBook Foudation and we'll get back to you for further details.

Marking Cancer Zones

With help of Kharagpur IIT using their satellite feature, we are marking areas with several number of cancer patients as high-risk zones.

If you are an acid victim, get in touch with us and we'll enroll you as a Veer Naari with all supports for financial freedom..

A Step to Save a Life

Expert Medical Team

We work with expert & experienced medical team to ensure that every patient gets early detection of the cancer. It helps chances of curing the disease easily and less suffering for the person & the family.

Faster Screening

We use faster & painless screening methods so that people don’t get alarmed, yet they can stay safe from the deadly disease. We follow a combination of modern equipment & expert’s knowledge for easy detection of the disease.

Advanced Checkup

In case we suspect any person about having cancer cells growing silently, we go through advanced cancer detection tests for them for free. It helps us being sure about cancer and also helps us knowing the stage of the disease.

Early Medical Support

We take immediate steps to send confirmed patients to any of the government cancer hospitals and make necessary arrangements to get faster treatment. In some cases, we go for fundraising and help the family to continue treatment at any high-facility cancer hospital.

Donate, to Save A Life

By donating a small amount with love can help us arranging the necessary fund for treatment of the a cancer patient. Lend your hand and be a part of this holy mission. As a bonus, you can get rebate on your income tax under section 80G.

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