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Dr. Prashanta Patra

Dr. Prashanta Patra, an ex-Defence Personnel, spearheads QuickFinz’s transformative initiative, Project Veer Gaurav, focusing on empowering special categories like ex-defence personnel, the LGBT community, acid survivors, etc. QuickFinz, under Dr. 

Role at DullBook

Dr. Prashanta Patra serves as a strategic advisor at DullBook Foundation, leveraging his expertise to enhance educational initiatives and promote inclusivity, thereby fostering positive social impact.

Dr. Shyamsundar Mandal

Dr. Shyamsundar Mandal is a seasoned professional with diverse expertise in healthcare research and data management. As the former Data Management Supervisor of the “Rajeev Gandhi Drinking Water Mission,” he oversaw critical projects sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India. 

Role at DullBook

At DullBook Dr. Shyamsundar Mandal has been working as the leading person for medical camps, cancer screening and other Gramin Suswasthya Balay related activities. Also, he is one of the most active persons who stay involved in most of the social activities at DullBook.

Suman Kundu

Mr. Suman Kundu is the Director of DullBook Foundation, a Section 8 NGO. He has been in the FinTech industry for a long time and has core knowledge about the industry.

Role at DullBook

Mr. Suman Kundu is one of the most valuable persons of DullBook Foundation, who keeps working on finding out various necessary social issues and creates plan of action for that to offer a better life for them.

Dipika Guha

Dipika Guha, serving as the Project Head within the Veer Gaurav initiative, has emerged as a pivotal force in driving positive change and empowerment for marginalized groups with a specific focus on the LGBT community, acid survivors, and other specially categorized individuals.

Role at DullBook

Guha’s role within the project extends beyond administrative responsibilities, as she actively engages with the targeted communities to understand their unique challenges. 

Satyaki Baidya

Satyaki Baidya is a seasoned professional with expertise in nonprofit management, specializing in areas like planning, budgeting, finance, and execution. He has a decade-long commitment to promoting livelihoods and sustainable development initiatives.

Role at DullBook

Satyaki Baidya serves as the Director of DullBook Foundation, overseeing strategic direction, program implementation, fundraising efforts, and organizational management.

Mrs.Jasmin Mohanta

Jasmin Mohanta, Chief Product Officer at QuickFinz and part of BundlePe Group since 2023, blends financial expertise with a background in Biotechnology, catalyzing societal impact via Dullbook Foundation.

Role at DullBook

Mrs. Jasmin Mohanta is one of the most active members of DullBook Foundation who keeps every activity organised and makes sure that everything is working its full pace.

Neha Mandal

Neha Mandal is a dedicated field worker at Don Bosco, Howrah, aiding in data collection on child labor and drug abuse. She rescues trafficked children and teaches at slum schools.

Role at DullBook

As Community Social Worker at DullBook Foundation, Neha Mandal leads initiatives to combat illiteracy and promote education. She coordinates teams, manages resources, and implements strategies to empower marginalized communities through innovative educational programs and initiatives.

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