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A Mission to Provide

Free Education to Tribals

Under the Tribal Education project, DullBook Foundation is committed to providing comprehensive education and skill development opportunities to tribal communities. Through free education initiatives, tribals receive access to computer training and diverse skill-building programs. This holistic approach aims to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary for success in the modern world while preserving their cultural heritage. By fostering education and empowerment, the foundation endeavors to break barriers and create pathways for socio-economic advancement within tribal populations.

Mission Objective


At DullBook we provide free education related to school curriculum to help tribal students get better facilities to compete with the modern world.

Computer Training

Computer literacy has become important in modern days. So, we provide training on various computer skills to tribal students for free.

Skill Development

We provide free comprehensive training on various high-demand job based vocational skills to tribal students across the India.

Career Counselling

We help the tribal students to find out better career opportunities through deep career counselling. We also help them to find out jobs at top brands on their domain.

No Tribal Should Get

Detached from Society

Tribal people always get less facilities for their socio-economic conditions and it puts them even away from the main stream of the society. So, we have taken oath to educate them — both in school subjects, as well as digital technologies, so that they can grow like any other community of the society with confidence.

Join your hands with DullBook and help them getting better facilities like fortunate people like you have got.

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