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A Mission to

Restart Education

The DullBook Foundation collaborates with the Sikkim Government’s Board of Open Schooling to support students in restarting their education. As a registered counselor, DullBook facilitates the enrollment of students in Madhyamik (10th standard) and Higher Secondary (12th standard) programs. This initiative aims to provide educational opportunities to those who have discontinued their studies due to various reasons. By guiding students through the enrollment process and offering counseling support, DullBook helps them strengthen their academic foundation and career prospects. The project not only focuses on academic reintegration but also emphasizes personal and professional growth, empowering students to pursue their educational aspirations effectively under the guidance and support of DullBook Foundation.

What We Do

At DullBook Foundation, we partner with the Sikkim Government’s Board of Open Schooling to assist students in resuming their education through Madhyamik and Higher Secondary programs, fostering academic reintegration and career development for a brighter future.

Reducing Dropouts

With easy education at any age, we are allowing dropouts to restart their incomplete education through Board of Open Schooling.

They can apply for Veer Purus and we'll provide them full support to setup, run and grow their business with DullBook Foundation.

Leveraging Education

Education is the key to success in life. Thus, we are encouraging students to continue their education.

Apply to become Veer Naari and we'll reach you soon if you are eligible.

Building Career

Higher education means better career. So, we are supporting left-out students to join the mission for higher education.

Apply to get help of DullBook Foudation and we'll get back to you for further details.

Improving Lifestyle

With education & good career, any person can change the lifestyle of their family and thus the society as a whole.

If you are an acid victim, get in touch with us and we'll enroll you as a Veer Naari with all supports for financial freedom..

A Step to Educate the Society

Easy Education

When a student cannot continue their education in regular schools after a certain gap or repeated failure, open schools offer them affordable ways to continue their education and fulfill their dream.

100% Pass Guarantee

Board of Open Schooling offers comprehensive guide and easy-to-understand study material along with flexible option to choose their subjects. It ensures 100% pass guarantee for the students.

Advanced Guide

There are students with higher dreams. And thus the institute has arranged methods of Advanced Guide to ensure guaranteed higher marks for the students who has the proper interest. 

Zero-Hassle Schooling

We understand that every person has their career and social responsibilities and thus after a certain time they cannot spend enough time for schooling. Thus Board of Open Schooling has created completely self-help online portal with all the features that a student needs.

About DullBook Foundation

DullBook Foundation is a NGO in India working to improve education, health & employment. Read more…

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