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Dullbook is a non-governmental organization incorporated in the year 2021 for the promotion and improvement of educational, social, cultural, economic, and various other charitable and developmental objectives. With this intention, Dullbook and its members initiate social projects from time to time for the growth and upliftment of society at large.

That you, with the intention of participating in the charitable objectives and serving society, have shown interest in becoming a member of the Dullbook Foundation, subject to the terms and conditions framed by organisation.

    The Member hereby agree that:-

    1. The minimum age for a member is 18 years and above.
    2. The member is not guilty or engaged in any illegal activity.
    3. Members shall not engage in anything that is against or contrary to the objectives of the NGO.
    4. Members shall willingly participate and work in the interest of the organisation.
    5. Members hereby agree and acknowledge to comply with all the terms, conditions, and policies framed or declared by the company for its members.

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    DullBook Foundation is a NGO in India working to improve education, health & employment. Read more…

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