Know All About NGOs And Their Roles In Society

Our society is facing many issues related to social, economic and environment. To resolve these issues Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a vital role and they work dedicatedly for the development of the society. They provide support to underprivileged community for betterment of their lives.

Here we have listed some points which will help you know about NGOs.

NGO’s Definition and Purpose:

NGOs are non-profit organizations. They operate all alone without support depending on government to resolve the societal issues. The goal of best NGOs in India is to provide aid, advocate for human rights, promote sustainable development, and support community welfare.

Different Types of NGOs:

There are two types of NGOs- i) operational NGO and ii) advocacy NGO. The goals of operational NGOs are to building schools, providing healthcare, and disaster relief. Advocacy NGOs are focused on work which will influence public policy and raise awareness on issues like environmental conservation, human rights, and social justice.

Worldwide Reach:

NGO has global reach. There are both international and local NGOs. International NGOs work to resolve different global issues across multiple countries. Local NGOs work to uplift the lives of local communities or regions. The NGOs provide support them according to their needs.

Resource of Fund:

The NGOs source funding from donations, grants and various fund raising activities. Individuals, philanthropists and various corporate sponsors donate to NGO. They get grants from international organizations, governments, and private foundations. The fund raising activities include events, campaigns, and crowd-funding.

Hope you like this blog and the above listed points will help you to know about NGOs. NGOs are vital in bridging gaps left by governments and the private sector, offering crucial support and advocacy for various global issues. Through their works they contribute to create a more equitable and sustainable world.


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