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~March 11, 2024

In India, every student has the equal right to education. Education creates equality in the society and help people to break the barriers of poverty and achieve their life’s goal. But, many unprivileged students face trouble in the path of pursuing higher education due to their poor financial background. In this scenario where achieving higher […]

~March 11, 2024

Humanity is the relationship which connects one person with another and it is seen through the acts of kindness. One such activity of kindness is blood donation which spread humanity in the society. Although blood donation is important and a noble act, many people feel hesitation at the time of donation. In this blog we […]

~March 11, 2024

In this evolving world where every field has become digitalized, knowledge of computer is become an important skill. Computer literacy not only opens doors of opportunity for the aspirants but it also plays an important role in the social and economic development of the society. Still, many people, who are living in the tribal areas […]

Magic Moments Early Learning

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