Winter Cloth Donation Camp By DullBook Foundation

DullBook Foundation is a non-profit organization, involved in various social service activities. The organization is always steadfast to support the underprivileged community. The members of the organization work hard with dedication to help the needy people. They organize social service programmes like blood donation camp, cloth distribution camp and many others.

Few times ago, the DullBook Foundation had organized a winter cloth donation camp in Jhargram, West Bengal. In winter the temperature of Jhargram falls harshly and the weather become very cold. In such scenario organizing a Cloth Donation Camp for the tribal people of the place is a great initiative.

Highlights of The Event

The opening of the program was done by Dr. Prashanta Patra, the respected founder of DullBook Foundation. Dr. Prashanta Patra said, the motto of the event was providing comfort and warmth to the people living in the tribal village during the difficult months of winter.

At first, needy people were sorted and choose from the village for the distribution of clothes such as, sweaters, jackets, shawls, and blankets etc. Volunteers from DullBook Foundation, a NGO in India assisted in organizing the distribution process, ensuring that each individual received suitable clothing items according to their needs.

Not only clothes this camp also provided snacks and hot drinks to the villagers for their warm welcome. The event served as a platform for social interaction and camaraderie among the villagers, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness within the community.


The tribal villagers were greatly affected by the winter cloth donation camp as it provided them with comfort and warmth. The generosity of donors and the dedication of volunteers helped to reduce the hardships faced by the community, demonstrating the power of collective action in bringing about positive change.

In conclusion, the initiative of winter cloth distribution at the tribal village in Jhargram, West Bengal was taken by DullBook Foundation, a NGO in India was successfu. Dr. Prashanta Patra and the team at DullBook Foundation showcased their commitment to humanitarian causes, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Such initiatives serve as a reminder of the importance of compassion and solidarity in building stronger, more resilient communities.


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