Awareness And Support Needed For Fight Against Cancer In India

Day-by-day the number of cancer cases is increasing in the country due to this in India it can become a burden for the public health in future. Due to the increase number of cancer cases, it is not only the patient or the family who will suffer, but it will become a challenge for the healthcare system and the economy of the country. Various NGOs have extended their hands to fight deadly diseases like cancer and one of them is DullBook Foundation. Many big companies provide their CSR funds to support the cancer patients through cancer treatment plans.

In this we have listed some facts and awareness about cancer, which will help to break the misconceptions associated with cancer and reduce the fear related with the disease. We have also maintained how NGO for cancer patient providing support to fight against the disease.

1. Increasing numbers of Cancer Cases:

The increased number of cancer cases has raised a great challenge for both the healthcare system and the economy. There are various reasons for the rise of cancer cases including changes in lifestyle, polluted environment, aging population and not maintaining a proper healthcare. With an estimated 1.5 million new cancer cases diagnosed annually, cancer is poised to become a significant public health challenge, straining healthcare resources and impacting the economy due to lost productivity and treatment costs.

2. Role of NGOs like DullBook Foundation:

DullBook Foundation plays an important role in the fight against cancer and provides support to the cancer patient. In India, there are also many NGO to help cancer patients. These NGOs help in raising awareness about early detection of the disease and necessary prevention, provide free screening test and support to treatment and recovery which, help a lot in reducing the financial burden for patient and their family. Moreover, by offering financial assistance, NGOs can prevent families from falling into extreme financial distress, ensuring that access to quality healthcare is not determined by one’s socioeconomic status.

3. Importance of Awareness:

In the fight against cancer, increasing awareness is crucial. Free cancer test is one of the effective methods of raising awareness which not only dispels the myths but also encourages people for early detection and treatment. By knowing the symptoms and risk factors associated with the disease through various campaigns, people can seek required medical attention to protect their help. Additionally, awareness efforts can help reduce fear and anxiety surrounding cancer, enabling patients and their families to navigate the journey with greater resilience and optimism.

So, now-a-days, cancer is one of the difficult challenges which India is facing. But, with the help of various NGOs and spreading awareness, we are fighting against the disease and improve outcomes for patients and their families. By coming together to provide free screening tests, financial support, and education, we can ensure that no one faces cancer alone and that access to care is equitable for all. Let us join hands in the fight against cancer and work towards a future where every individual has the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life.


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